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Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment Hyderabad

The pre-construction treatment is the primary line of defence for the Termite protection of a brand-new building. The remaining purpose of Pest control at some point of new construction is to shape a continuing and continuous chemical barrier in the soil such that termites are denied access from under or sides of the built-up area of the building. The great termite treatment practices for the new construction have essential components

A). Use of authentic anti-termite chemical substances

B). activity with the aid of skilled technicians who can yield terrific workmanship as the fulfilment of the treatment depends upon the thoroughness of the utility.

First, we talk about the authorized termiticides (termite treatment chemical substances) which can be encouraged by the Central Insecticide Board and prescribed by means of the Bureau of Indian Standards. The approved anti-termite treatment chemical substances may be depended on Indian climatic situations. it's far best after tens of years of research and evaluation that a specific anti-termite chemical is recommended for the treatment and is made commercially to be had in the Indian market.

Insecticides used for Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment

For Pre construction anti-termite treatment insecticide used –as per IS 8944 CHLORO-PYRIPHOS 20 % EC, Imidacloprid 30.50% SC.

Stage 1: Anti-Termite treatment to trenches made for foundation of Masonry walls or Basement

The bottom surface of the foundation and the foundation sides up to a height of approximately three hundred mm of the excavations made from masonry foundations and basements shall be treated with the chemical at the rate of 5 litres according to the square meter of the surface region.

Stage 2: Anti Termite Treatment to Vertical Backfilled Soil along masonry Foundation/ retaining wall

After the masonry foundations and the maintaining wall of the basements come up; the backfill in touch with the foundation structure will be dealt with at the rate of 7.5 litres per square meter of the vertical surface of the sub-structure for each side of the foundation.

Stage 3: Anti Termite treatment of top Surface of Plinth Filling

The top surface of the consolidated earth within plinth walls shall be handled with the chemical emulsion at the rate of 5 l/m2 of the surface earlier than the sand bed or subgrade is laid. This treatment shall also be carried out on DPC provided on the plinth wall. If the stuffed earth has been nicely compacted and it is not permitting the emulsion to seep into the holes as much as 50 to 75 mm deep at 150 mm canters both methods may be made with 12 mm diameter slight metallic rod at the surface to allow the chemical sweep in the soil with the chemical emulsion.

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