What makes your Hospital or School/Colleges are protected from all pests or insects? We at Pestocure Pest Control Services provide highly impact techniques to control all kinds of pests and insects. Our institutional pest control services are available for School campuses, healthcare facilities, Nursing Homes, Hostels, Colleges/universities. Our Integrated pest management solutions that will eliminate the pests while reducing the level of damage caused to the facility, with occupants and environments.

The idea of IPM (Integrated pest management) is to monitor and control pests only when they start appearing and eliminating the over application of pesticides in the living/working environment. We are well versed with IPM (integrated pest management) techniques, Scope of works, application methods and industry specific record tracking procedures. IPM propagates utilization of traps, insect monitoring techniques, baits and sanitary awareness with pesticides application as a last resort. This is the way of the future. Our highly trained certified technicians thoroughly inspect your property to identify pest entry points, conditions that invite pests to move in and address other concerns.

Pestocure Pest Control will use IPM technology to protect your establishment from all potential pests and keep you in compliance with all city, we use a variety of methods in our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. These include thorough inspections, the use of baits, mechanical traps, and monitors. We use a select group of low risk pesticides/insecticides only when needed and applied in a manner, which minimizes exposure to people, animals and the environment.

We provide our valuable clients with work tracking sheets, regular reports, sanitary suggestions and services in integrated pest control. For successful implementation of IPM It takes rigorous training, knowledge, and a dedication to people, living environment, worker safety and a strong will to use insecticides in a realistic and efficient manner. We offer affordable pest control services that our budget friendly. We have long term contracts with clients. This means we constantly have to provide superior service to maintain your trust and keep you as a customer. Contact us today and discover the difference!